Founder of iCAREweCARE

iCAREweCARE is a student-run non-profit that leverages the power of social media for social good. We help high school and college students connect with friends who CARE about the same causes, provides them with meaningful opportunities in their local community, and makes social change a social effort.

I founded iCAREweCARE to help mobilize high school and college students, allow them engage in global issues, and help each student make a difference. I believe that our generation has an opportunity to change the world by organizing ourselves through social networking, finding other young people who care about the same causes, and working with or starting an organization to do something about it.

As a teenager in high school, I am surrounded by brilliant and capable students with incredible ideas about how to solve global issues. When we discuss the issues facing our world, how they will affect the future, and what actions we can take now, I never cease to be blown away by the eloquent, yet simply plausible solutions these students propose.

However, no one ever asks us these questions. Too often, we are told we don’t have the capacity to deal with these problems and we should stick to what we know. On the contrary, simply talking to these students has already given me a better idea about how to improve our world. Talking to people our age that CARE about something bigger inspires me to take action. If these conversations could happen on a global scale, our generation could inspire each other and stand together to deal with the issues we CARE about.

My hope is for iCwC to revolutionize the way students think about community service. Right now, students look at community service as a requirement. I want to get students to enjoy giving back by volunteering for organizations that address issues they CARE about along with their friends. It leverages the power of social networking, but for social good. It allows you to share what you CARE about and where you’re volunteering with your friends so they can join you, making it a group effort.

High school and college students have an incredible untapped potential. Because we are told we can’t do anything, we often don’t. I know we can do better than this. I know that there are more students who will realize there are problems bigger than our high school and college lives. There are students who can realize that there is someone, somewhere in the world, who could use our help. I hope that by empowering us students with the gift of giving back at such a young age, we will remember to give back for the rest of our lives.

Join the movement and help our generation change the world.

Priyanka Jain

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