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By Quentin Hardy, Executive Editor of Forbes Media

Of course, the future belongs to the young. You get a decent look at it ahead of time, though, by watching how they build new ways seize it.

Earlier today a 17 year old named Priyanka Jain launched a student run nonprofit called iCAREweCARE, which is dedicated to helping high school and college students identify causes they care about, find local organizations that address those problems, and then write about their experiences,  or connect with their friends over them. There is a Web site, and Facebook connections for rapid and deep information sharing. Read More




Priyanka discusses how she hopes to mobilize her generation to make a difference using social media.


iCAREweCARE combines two of the most powerful forces for social change today — social media and a new generation of inspiring social entrepreneurs.

Founded by 17-year old, Priyanka Jain, iCAREweCARE is the first student-led non-profit to leverage social technology for social good. Their mission is to create a globally aware, socially responsible, and action oriented generation aiming to help students take initiative and leadership roles in the movementfor social change. Read more here


In this interview we interview Priyanka Jain, high school student and founder of This is a global social network aimed at high school and college student designed to “reate a globally aware, socially responsible, and action oriented generation.” The idea is to network the volunteer efforts of these young people and focus them together to greatly expand both meaningful participation and ultimate impact. The interview is conducted by Mallory Smith, Office Manager for, and introduced by Founder Glen Hiemstra. He observes that the millennial generation is expected to be an activist generation, and iCAREweCARE is an example of that.

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