Priyanka  is the founder and President of iCAREweCARE (, a student-run non-profit that leverages the power of social media for social good. iCAREweCARE helps high school and college students connect with friends who CARE about the same causes, provides them with meaningful opportunities in their local community, and makes social change a social effort.

Priyanka is a strong believer in women’s education. She serves as a Youth Champion for the United Nation’s Foundation Girl Up campaign to inspire other young girls to get involved in their communities. She was one of two high school students working with QuestBridge to connect bright, low-income girls to educational opportunities at the nation’s leading colleges. She is also the founder of the Seattle chapter of Circle of Women, a student-run organization building schools for girls in developing countries.

She served as an ambassador to the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program, which brings together graduate students and business leaders to stimulate innovative solutions using exponentially growing technologies for the world’s most pressing challenges. She also serves as an official contributor to the Huffington Post.

Priyanka was named “Youth Philanthropist of 2012” by the Association of Fundraising Professions and selected as one of the top 100 women entrepreneurs by Smart Girls’ Way. She frequently speaks at conferences around the world about engaging teenagers in giving back to their communities.

Her accomplishments have been showcased by various media outlets, including Forbes (, Fast Company (, and ABC (


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